Hi. I’m Streaky.

I’ve spent my entire career mastering music — from vinyl cutting to streaming and back again — it’s my mission to help artists bring their music to life and achieve the quality they have in their heads.

My mastering room is located within Pinewood Studios near London, it’s a hybrid system of the best analogue / digital equipment that I’ve used, tested and kept over the last 25 years. These tools help me provide you with the highest quality sound possible which (I believe / hope) will blow your mind :)

My small team and I, love to chat about mastering, mixing, sound and audio gear so don’t be shy to get in contact either via our contact page or any of our social media pages…


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"Streaky is hands down the finest mastering engineer working in music right now."

MSM (mix engineer - Skepta, P Diddy, Ed Sheeran)

"Streaky delivers every time with integrity and someone I trust implicitly. In the modern of 'homemade' mastering he is the difference if you want your sound to be considered"

Roberto Borzoni Creative Director (Warners Music Group)

"Streaky has mastered many projects from me over the years. Ive always been impressed with his mastering skills ever since i 1st used him on the Kasabian tracks. He is still 1 of my fave mastering engineers and always delivers the finished tracks sounding superb & extremely quickly."

Jagz Kooner (producer - Primal Scream, Bjork, Oasis)
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